Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has been one of the most popular plans followed by dieters for almost 15 years.  Recently, Weight Watchers has redesigned their weight-loss plan, based on research on how the body metabolizes different types of foods.  Under their previous plan, Weight Watchers are given an individualized allowance of points depending on age, gender, height and current weight.  Food items were given a specific point value, which was based on total calories and adjusted for fat content and fiber. 

The new "PointsPlus" plan assigns point values to foods based on their protein, fat, carbs and fiber.  While the overall design is the same, with the message being to not "go over" on your total points, people are now given a higher number of points.  This can be confusing, particularly to those who are familiar with and have been following a Weight Watchers plan for years.  According to the NY Times article, on the previous plan the average member was allowed 22 points, whereas on the new plan the average point value is 31.  Ultimately, "bad" food choices are still taking up a higher portion of total points, which discourages dieters from consuming these foods.

For more information on the new PointsPlus program, check out the WW website (

I'll still argue that Weight Watchers is probably the best "diet" out there, promoting increased consumption of fruits, vegetables and high-fiber foods, while discouraging highly processed items.  Isn't that the message we health-conscious people are always pushing!?

Whether you're following a structured diet plan or just striving to eat healthier and feel well, Watching your Weight is always a good idea! :)

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