Thursday, January 20, 2011

Costa Rican Cuisine

I was lucky enough to spend 12 days in Costa Rica on vacation with my boyfriend.  In addition to the warm hospitality and beautiful flora & fauna, Costa Rica offers some of the most fresh and delicious food I've had while traveling abroad.  

Black Bean Soup with fresh cilantro, tomatoes and onions
A typical Tico meal is called "Casado" which has a basis of "Pinto Gallo"(rice and beans), and meat/fish/chicken, salad, plantains and tortillas.  For breakfast, they often substitute eggs or cheese for the main meat dish.   While there are many American-style restaurants, the most popular eateries are small local corner shops, called "sodas".  We were lucky enough to have a fantastic soda just a short walk from our resort, where the locals made us feel like family and served us delicious meals at any time of day.  

Pinto Gallo with Queso, Platanos and Homemade Tortillas

Chicken Taco with Salsa Lizano and Fresh Sour Cream
Costa Rica was an amazing time with amazing food! As the Ticos say, Pura Vida!

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