Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Billy Goat 5k 2011

This past Sunday October 16, my dad and I ran the Billy Goat 5k trail run at Baird Park.  It was my second time doing the Billy Goat, and I just love this run. 

The course is essentially 1.5 miles uphill on a trail and 1.6 miles back down, all the while winding through rocks, streams and plants.  I really wish there were more places to do trail runs nearby!  It was a beautiful morning and I felt great!  I will complain about those who don't follow running/race etiquette.  It drives me crazy to see people start out up front at the start line, sprint out for 1/2 mile, only to slow down and WALK.  Get out of my way! I am by no means a fast runner, but I will always get out of the way for anyone attempting to pass.  This is especially important on a race like this, because at some points the trail is only wide enough for one or two runners.  Most of these things are common sense!

The old man kickin butt!
Me following behind!
Like father, like daughter?
My dad finished 97th of 133 (33:55) and I finished 100th with a time of 34:01.  This was slower than our times last year, but I felt strong and good.  I'm not one to worry about places or times...I'm proud we completed it and look forward to another one next year!

 Next up: Rock'N'Roll New York 10K this Saturday in Prospect Park! As always, happy running! :)

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