Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day 2013

Today is National Running Day!  Later tonight I'll celebrate by actually running, but for now I'll honor this holiday by finishing the following sentence: clear my head. discover new places and revisit old ones.
Home Sweet Astoria
...for ice cream, beer and dark chocolate.
Mmmm Mint Chocolate Chip!
...for my health.

...for those who can't.

...with incredible runner friends.
Boston Strong NYC sweat off the day.
Sweaty post-run with Spring Forward PT Run Club! ALL types of weather!

...with my Dad.
Turkey Trot 2012 challenge myself.

TELL ME: Why/When/Where/How do YOU run!? How are you celebrating National Running Day???


  1. I'll be running later today. Thank goodness we got such a gorgeous day!!

  2. Philadelphia!!! That's going to be a good one!