Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Thankful Thursday Again!

Greetings!  Every week I'm shocked by how quickly Thursday catches up to me.  I've been keeping myself pretty darn busy so time has been flying! Although I'm not thankful that time passes so so quickly, I'm feeling super thankful about lots of other things! Let's do this.

This week I'm thankful...

...that I ran the Billy Goat 5K again this year.  Gosh I love this race, no matter how much it kicks my butt every year.
Here I'm thankful that I'm almost done with the Billy Goat!

...for pasta!  It's easily one of my favorite foods.  Yours too?  Well in case you missed it--I'm doing a pasta giveaway! Enter now to win yourself some pasta!

...that I'm on my way to getting stronger.  I started my strength training exercises this week and I plan on starting CrossFit next week! Don't worry--I will most definitely keep you updated on how that kicks my butt.

And on that note...I'm thankful for my super smart sports doctor.  Here are just a few of Dr. Metzl's many wise words:

...for Butternut Squash.  Well, really I'm thankful for any nutritious food that is just naturally delicious!  You don't need to do anything to Butternut Squash (although I sometimes add a little cinnamon & brown sugar) to make it taste amazing!

...for my frog, er, I mean dog.  Rocky was super patient with me for his Halloween photo shoot this year! And come on! How cute is he?

And last but NOT least...I'm thankful that tomorrow after work I'm road-tripping upstate to visit college friends

Now you go! What are you feeling thankful for this week?! :)

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  1. I'm thankful that the frog puppy exists! He's a pleasure to admire ;-)