Monday, July 29, 2013

Marathon Training: Week 2

Phew, it's been a crazy busy week, yet again! I'm officially 2 weeks into marathon training, so let's recap how it went:

Monday: Rest-
I planned on doing a short recovery run in the morning, but was out past my bedtime Sunday night and opted for sleep instead!  Awesome decision.

Tuesday: 3 miles (1 mile warm-up,1 mile @ 8:50pace, 1 mile cool down)-I'm still adjusting to running with a Garmin to check my pace, and ended up running the 2nd mile at 9:10ish pace.

Wednesday: Rest. 

Thursday: Unplanned rest day.  Worked late on Wednesday evening, trying to get sleep when I can! 

Friday: 3 easy (with 5x 30 sec pick-ups)-The weather finally broke and this run was luxurious!!!

Saturday: 8 mile long run-Let myself sleep in and started my run around 8am, so it was a little warmer than I'd prefer.  I ran along the Queens waterfront to Queens Bridge Park and back.  10:43 pace.

Sunday: Yoga (30min) and lots of foam rolling. 

Total weekly mileage: 14

This week was less than ideal for my training.  I worked a lot and this tired little RD/temporary waitress had to chose getting some sleep over running.  I'm really looking forward to week 3 when I can (hopefully) get back on track! 

Stay tuned...How is your training going? How do you manage when you're pressed for time/sleep?!


  1. I'm glad you were getting some sleep, though! And you're building up mileage over a long period of time, right? So you have little to be worried about, I'm sure :)

    I try to figure out how much sleep I'm missing. If it's 45 minutes, I generally feel like a run will make me feel better in the long run (hah!). BUT if I'm overall sleep deprived, I'm more likely to opt for sleep over running!

    1. Yes, taking it slow and building up. And will be getting more sleep this week! :)

      How's Chicago training going?

  2. Sometimes you need sleep!!! I've skipped a run or two for some shut eye. Don't obsess about pushing it to complete every run perfectly; you don't want your body to get stressed and over work itself. Do what you can. From the looks of it, you're doing AMAZINGLY!

    1. Thanks, Mrs. Miller! I'm definitely trying. Can't wait to run/sweat with you soon!

  3. HI Kimberly. Great job tackling your first marathon! I found your blog using the keyword "peanut butter" because I am launching a nutrition-oriented peanut butter company. I happen to be a runner too.

    Thought that as a dietitian, runner, and peanut butter fan (I presume) you might want to check out our indiegogo campaign:


  4. Beth @RxBethOnTheRunAugust 4, 2013 at 10:55 PM

    Still a pretty good week all things considered. I'm so happy that we are in this together. Can't WAIT to start running long together SOON! Keep up the great work, friend! You AMAZE me at all you are able to do in one week. Can't wait to see you more :)