Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Especially Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday! I woke up nice and early before my alarm went off, because I was just so excited for today to start (and end)!  It's a beautiful sunshine-y day, so let's all be thankful!

Today I'm thankful...

...that today is the official END of my dietetic internship.  It seemed this day would never come, but it's here and I am SO thankful!

...for being hooked up with Yankees/Mets tickets on Saturday.
Thanks, bro.

...that I live so dang close to Astoria Park.  It's beautiful and is great for tanning, running, people-watching, etc. Come visit.

...for sparkles! I picked up 2 new Sparkly Soul headbands this week and couldn't be more excited! If you haven't heard of Sparkly Soul or don't own one yet--what are you waiting for? They really are non-slip, don't give you a headache and are so stinkin cute.

...for my dad. In case you didn't know, Father's Day is this Sunday June 17th.  Although I doubt your dad is as awesome as mine, you should still be thankful for him. 

Now you go. What are you feeling thankful for today?


  1. Ok- if I ever go to NYC, we'll go for a run in Astoria park. It looks beautiful!

    I'm SO thankful the Navy called last week to offer me a flute position!! Hooray! (or rather- Hooyah!)

    1. Yes-Astoria park is a must if you visit! :) So excited for your news! Hooyah!