Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chilly Weather = Homemade Chili!

Now that the weather is really starting to get cold, we tend to want warm comfort foods! Soups and stews can be a great way to get warm and get your fill of vegetables too! This week I made a big batch of vegetarian chili without following a real recipe, just tossing in fresh delicious ingredients! Chili is super easy to make and making it yourself will fill the whole house with delicious aromas while letting you be in control of the amount of sodium, fat, etc.  Here are the main ingredients I used in mine:

-Crushed tomatoes
-Hot sauce
-Olive oil
-Kidney Beans
-Garbanzo Beans
-Green Peppers
-Diced up Veggie Burgers :)

Whether you choose meaty or vegetarian style, chili is the perfect recipe for cold fall days! Enjoy! :)

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