Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Better Things Ahead!

Happy Thankful Thursday! What are we feeling good about today?

I'm feeling thankful...

...that I went to my first Yankee game of the season last night! Yeah, it was rainy and cool. Yeah, they lost. But I spent the night with my Dad, Aunt, brother & sister-in law at one of my favorite places in the world! :)
Can't beat the bleachers!

...for yoga class on Tuesday.  I haven't been able to make it to yoga lately, but I made it on Tuesday and it felt so good.

...for my Judgement-Free Zone.  AKA my friends.  I'm always doing something stupid or embarrassing, and they don't judge.  Ok, they probably judge a little bit...but they're still standing by me. Love you guys! (I'm using this L word quite a lot, ladies...It's kind of like snuggling.)

...that Kristin Wiig exists. She lights up my life with her hilarity.  

...for my nice clean bed.  It has been drool and dog-hair free and I love it.  Now if only I can get myself to spend more time in it. Like tonight. 

...for motivational quotes/images. I saw this one on a blog the other day and it really made me think.  I can't wait for all that lies ahead for me! :)

What are you all thankful for this week?

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