Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Goals

Aaaaaand it's April! 

So I did pretty terrible with my February goals, so I aimed a little lower for March. And carried a few of those fails over! Let's see how I did:

My roll-over goals? 
1. Cook more and better meals during the week. CHECK.  I'm no Top Chef, but I made a mean Lentil Loaf, some sweet potato/white bean burgers, etc.  And my go-to meal of course, sweet potatoes and spinach. :)

2. Take a kickboxing class. Still, no.  In my defense, I was kind of busy training for a half-marathon.  

And how did I do with those March goals...?
1.  Complete my first half-marathon. DONE and DONE! Woohoo!
I crossed the finish line, just after this photo!

2. Focus on my upper body strength.  Alright, so I didn't do too much in terms of upper body workouts.  I'm pushing this one into April when I won't be so focused on mileage.

3. Take my dog on longer walks. Eh. This one is less my fault than Rocky's, but we didn't do too well.  He's more interested in sleep than walking/playing.
More sleep, less walking.

Alright then...let's set some new goals for April:
1. Do some speed work & hill training.  
2. Make it to the gym at least 3x a week! I know I'll be tempted to skip the gym and just run outside since it's getting nicer, but I want to do weight training too.
3. Incorporate veggies into every dinner! I've been slacking on my nighttime vegetables, so maybe writing this down will help! 

What are your goals for April? How do you stick with them?!


  1. Great goals! My upper body strength STINKS. Last summer yoga was definitely helping me tone. Let me know if you want to go to Yoga Tree or Yoga Agora sometime!

  2. Absolutely! I've never done a yoga class in Astoria and would love to try it out!