Thursday, November 29, 2012

Don't Forget, It's Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thursday! I missed the big Thankful Thursday last week because I was busy running 15.5 miles and enjoying an awesome meal with my family...but let's pick it right back up this week!  This week, I'm thankful...

...for my new car.  And it's heated seats.  :)

...that my nephew baby is coming in less than 2 months! We threw him a fabulous party last weekend to celebrate and I think he had a blast!  

...for my rockstar Dad.  Anyone sick of me saying that yet?  Don't care.  He's awesome and supports me and inspires me everyday.  Also, I'm thankful for this awesome picture of us running together (before he left me in the dust, yet again...).  

...that I got myself some new sparkle! Since I pretty much wear a Sparkly Soul headband on every run, I scooped up a blue and charcoal headband to add to the collection!  

...that my very best friend in the whole wide world is taking on the challenge of the NYC Half Marathon and running with Team in Training to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This will be her first half and I couldn't be more excited to cheer for her and watch her rock it out.  Please check out her fundraising page and donate to this awesome cause! And keep your fingers crossed that Dad & I will be accepted into the lottery and can run with her! your turn.  What has you feeling thankful this week?!

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