Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: THANKSGIVING edition!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!! Due to crazy schedules, my family is doing the big Thanksgiving meal this Saturday.  But that didn't stop me from starting my day with a 5-mile Turkey Trot followed by watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with Mom & Rocky.  AKA I'm a very happy girl.  And here's what I'm thankful for this week, and always:

1. First and foremost, FAMILY. Some people are not so lucky as to have the support & love of a family like mine.  We may not get along perfectly, but what family does?

2. My new BED! Wahoooo!!! My parents are oh-so-generously giving me the bed from the guest bedroom in their old house! I'm looking forward to waking up without back pain every morning.  (Oh, and we're also getting a "new" couch & kitchen table. Honestly, where would I be without these people?)

3. Grape Gatorade.  I think I have a problem. I almost threw a tantrum in the store the other day when all I saw was "Glacier Freeze" and not my "Fierce Grape". :) I hope they start making Prime & Recover versions of Fierceness too...I'm not a fan of the strawberry kiwi stuff. Yuck.
Happiness in a bottle.

4. Tea. Hot, iced, black, green, whatever. I love it. 
5. My new foam roller. If for no other reason than to crack my always stiff back.

6. Beating my time from last year's Turkey Trot! :)  Official time is still to come, but I think it was around 46:10, so that's at least a minute faster than last year.  Woohoo to accomplishing goals!

Today is the day to be THANKful...and to GIVE.  So try to do a little of both.  It'll send good vibes out into the world & make you feel good inside. Promise. :)

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