Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Ran to Manhattan

After a beautiful 9 hours of sleep last night, I was ready for the 10 miles on my training schedule today.  My half-marathon is 2 weeks away and I can't wait! So after a big breakfast of yogurt, blackberries & granola, I got set for my "long" run.  It's a little windy and chilly out, so I layered up with an Under Armour turtleneck, light zip up jacket, running tights and an earwarmer.  And let's not forget proper hydration:

Rocky kindly loaded up my fuel belt with one bottle grape of Gatorade, one water bottle and one Vanilla Bean Gu.  And since I can't fathom running 10 miles in Astoria, I planned to run over in Manhattan.  At first, I thought I'd run the mile to the subway and take it over to Central Park for a few loops.  But then my pretty cousin friend suggested I run the Queensboro Bridge into the city.  Great idea, Cuz! 

As those who have run the ING NYC Marathon are well aware, the QB bridge is a pretty steady uphill climb to the middle and then back down to 59th Street/2nd Ave.  I ran the 3.5 miles down to Queensboro Plaza and got started...

Starting out at QB Plaza
It was pretty windy up there, with some scary views down (I'm terrified of heights), but it was also beautiful.  It's an awesome feeling to run from one borough to another!

the lovely East River
I covered just over 10 miles running down to QB Plaza, across the bridge, almost to Central Park and back.  Below is a screenshot of my route.  I have no idea what the GPS was doing over in Manhattan, because it definitely looks like I was drunk.  (Promise, I wasn't. Remember, I haven't had a drink since January 1st!)

My legs felt pretty strong throughout the run, and I tried to go slow (I ended up averaging a 10:13 pace).  I took the Gu around mile 6 coming back over the bridge, which was a perfect timing, because it really helped me through the last few miles.   

When I got back home, I enjoyed a delicious post-run chocolate milk for recovery. A nice little reward for my efforts!
Yum! If only it was a Smuttynose instead ;)
Now I'm off to stretch and make a Lentil Loaf [recipe and post to follow soon! :)] 
Happy weekend everyone! 


  1. great run!!!Rocky looks thrilled to be helping you with hydration ;)

    1. Thanks Danielle! He's the best helper!