Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday: I'm Not Dying (yet)

Happy Thursday!  Today I am thankful for...

...not having a serious illness (knock on wood).  Working with people who have cancer, leukemia, sepsis and heart disease all day can be depressing.  I feel lucky everyday to not be IN the hospital myself. fellow interns. (Hi guys!<3 you!)  It's nice to have other people who know just how challenging and often frustrating the DI can be! If only I had a copy of our awesomely awkward first day photo-shoot pics to post!

...this bully. He's so motivated to workout!

 Unlike SOME bullies I know! Ahem, like this guy:

....winning the pool at the fam Oscar party! 
This is a big deal, because #1-I never win anything [except for that time I won some Chobani yogurts :)] and #2-I NEVER "gamble".  Okay, it was only $10 to vote...but still, $10 is a lot of money to me.  I mean it's like 4 1/2 subway rides, or 2 loads of laundry, or 20 Gatorades! I'm a pretty competitive person, so if I'm going to gamble $10, you know I'm going to fight for it.  I did a little pre-party research on all of the nominees, which apparently paid off because I kicked butt.  Woo!

...drop-off laundry services.  Sometimes I just HATE the laundromat.  And since our friendly neighborhood laundromat is somehow SO cheap (compared to other places I've lived), and I have been super busy lately, I've been taking advantage of the drop-off service.  FYI, they fold your underwear.  Kinda weird, kinda amazing.
Perfectly folded laundry.  And yes, apparently I've been wearing a lot of NYY gear for spring training...

...Sophia Grace and Rosie.  (And Ellen for always have them on her show for my entertainment.)
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....that my knee is healing nicely and I'm heading out for a run right now! Bye!

What are you thankful for today?

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