Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's all Greek (& delicious) to me!

Last week on Thankful Thursday, I mentioned that I won a giveaway on the Chobani Facebook Page for a 12-pack sample of the new Chobani flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Passion Fruit & Blood Orange.  I'm psyched because I never win anything! And who doesn't love free food?! Especially when it's my favorite...Greek Yogurt!

So this week, I got a UPS Next-Day delivery containing a 12-pack of the new Chobani flavors, snuggled in a nest of packing peanuts & ice-packs! 
Presents for Pretty Girls!

Of course, I taste-tested each flavor just for you! It's definitely a tough job, but someone has to do it and if that someone is me, so be it! 

Not your traditional 12-pack...
Now I will preface this by saying, I am already a huge fan of Chobani yogurt.  I don't love the "fruit on the bottom" idea, and typically add my own fruit & granola to the Vanilla or Plain flavors, but I honestly enjoy all of the flavors.  

That being said, let's discuss the newbies:

Apple-Cinnamon: I had heard rave reviews on this flavor, so I was excited to try it myself! Turns out, I didn't love it.  It tastes a lot like granny smith apples, and they're not my favorite.  I also think it could use more cinnamon.  However, my roommate really enjoyed it and as I said, I've heard great reviews from others!  Since it is pretty sweet, it would definitely make a great breakfast or dessert yogurt!

Blood Orange:  I was nervous to try this flavor because I've never had an orange-flavored yogurt, and it is an unusual combo. But this one totally blew me away.  The combination of sweet & tart is interesting but not overbearing.  You do have to give it a pretty good stir, but I was pleasantly surprised that the fruit on the bottom didn't turn the yogurt into a soupy sweetness.  I'd definitely buy blood orange again!

Passion Fruit (2%): I definitely liked this one! It took a bit of stirring to get a nice smooth consistency and it does have a strong flavor but I was into it! It's pretty sweet but not overwhelming. It is similar to the Pomegranate Chobani in that there are seeds, so if you have textures issues, that might be a problem.  

As far as nutrition is concerned, these yogurts are still a great choice due to their high protein content.  Each flavor has 14g of protein in a 6oz. serving!  The Apple-Cinnamon and Blood Orange flavors are 0% fat, so have 140 calories and 0g of fat.  The Passion Fruit is 2% milk-fat, so is slightly more for 160 calories and 3g fat.  All three of these new flavors have 19g of sugar per serving, as compared to only 7g in the plain Chobani or 13g in the Vanilla flavor.  That's not to say they aren't still a great option for a healthy snack or dessert!

Please keep in mind that these reviews & opinions are solely mine, and Chobani hasn't paid or persuaded me to do this (although I kind of wish they would've...).  I truly feel that Chobani yogurts (& their new flavors!) are Nothing but Good! :)

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  1. Wahoo, thanks for entering our Facebook giveaway and BIG congrats on winning! So happy to hear you're loving the new flavors and making your way through that case. Happy spooning :)