Sunday, January 1, 2012

NYRR Emerald Nuts Midnight Run

First and foremost: Happy New Year!!!

I am so unbelievably happy to say that I was 100% sober last night and feel fantastic this morning.  Instead of paying big money to have a mediocre time at a bar or club in NYC, my roomate and I ran the NYRR Emerald Nuts 4-mile Midnight Run.  

Decorated & Ready to go!

If only we could train Rocky to take our photos...
We left Queens around 10 p.m. and didn't run into any trouble on the subway or getting to Central Park! When we arrived at the bandshell, we were blown away by just how many people decided to ring in 2012 with a run! There was music, dancing and even a costume contest.

The Costume Contest
We weren't really in costume, but figured since we both dressed all in black, we could be "New Year's Ninjas".  Hence these silly photos:

Despite the crazy number of people, NYRR & Emerald Nuts put together a good race.  Everyone got fun foam hats (ours were shiny, therefore more fun...), blinking lights and Breakfast to Go packs.

Because this was a "fun run", there were no corrals, and everyone just started gathering behind the start line. Again, I was amazed by the number of people choosing to start 2012 on the right foot (pun intended :) ).  I was also surprised at the number of people watching, cheering, or just randomly wandering around Central Park waiting for midnight.

After the countdown to midnight, the fireworks started and we were off! Well, it took us a good 5-minutes of walking to get to the start line, but at least we were MOVING at midnight!

It was roomie's first race ever, so we were eager to get going!

I'd say this was a perfect first race for her, since it's not timed and there are so many people around for encouragement!  We alternated running & walking, and we'll see how she feels today, but she did great!

Look at her go!
As for me, I LOVED taking part in something fun & healthy to start off 2012.  I liked not running for time and spent most of the race just smiling and checking out the fireworks, the ridiculous costumes and the drunk people on the sidewalks.

Cheesin in 2012!

We'd heard a rumor that the water-stop at Mile 2 had champagne, which was more than enough motivation to get there!

Don't usually see that at a race...
 Of course, we grabbed some "champagne"! Okay, fine. It was sparkling cider...but we can pretend, no?


From there on, it was back down the West side to the finish, where we had water, apples & bagels waiting for us.  We did it!  Congrats to the roomie on her very first running race! I'm quite proud of the new runner! Maybe there are more races in store in 2012...

So congratulations to all NYE Midnight runners and I wish you all a very healthy & Happy New Year!

Today for us is all about good food & good friends, as we're hosting a New Year's Day brunch in a few hours.  Cheers!

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