Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let's Be Thankful (Thursday)

Well, hello there.  How was your week? Super? Mine too, thanks for asking.  Let me tell you all of the fabulous things I'm feeling happy & thankful for!

I'm feeling thankful...

...that I am officially employed as a dietitian! :) 

...for rainy runs.  When I left my apartment at 6am Wednesday morning for my run, it was so disgustingly humid outside.  I saw some dark clouds over the Manhattan skyline and crossed my fingers that they'd come my way.  Aaaaaaand 3 miles later, they found their way over to me and opened right up!  I know some people hate running in the rain, but I love it.  Especially when it's hot out.

...for the man in our apartment complex who refers to me as "princess".  Don't worry, it's in a genuine, totally not creepy way.  I mean I'm not really a princess, but he brightens my day everyday I see him!

...that I made these Margarita Cupcakes for the roommates birthday.  They're definitely among the best cupcakes I've ever made. YUM.

...for the Thursday night line-up.  Summer isn't the best time for TV, but Thursdays are currently my favorite TV night with shows like Big Brother, Project Runway and The Real L Word.  

On that note, I'm off to cook up some dinner and settle into the couch for TV night!

Tell me what you're thankful for this week! Please?! 

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