Friday, August 31, 2012

Race Recap: NYRR Back to Football Run

News flash: It's football season!

Okay, fine. It's still preseason until Wednesday, but it's basically football season.  

And for the first time, NYRR teamed up with the NFL for the Back to Football Run in Central Park.  The race started at 7:30pm, which was a little late for my liking...but not too bad for a 4 mile race.

I was pretty excited to combine my love for running with my love for football & the NY Giants!  And I'm always on board to plan an awesome race "outfit".  Hence:

I have to say the best part of this super fun race was getting to meet some fabulous blog/twitter friends!  I've been following Kristin's blog for awhile now, but for some reason or another we've never been able to meet!  Last night the stars aligned and it happened.  Clearly, we hit it off right away...

Hope it's okay I'm borrowing this pic, Kristin! :)
Despite her poor taste in football teams, she's awesome and I'm so glad she shares my enthusiasm for serious race costumes and sparkles.  Oh, and she brought cookies to fuel with. Amazing.

So...the race.  My quads were feeling tight and I was kind of just running for the fun of this race, so I didn't have a goal pace or finish time in mind.  Kristin was on the same page, so we just ran, talked and eavesdropped on a certain couple arguing/inspiring each other behind us.  

The course was one loop starting and ending on the 72nd street transverse, which includes a few nice rolling hills.  These are probably highlighted below in orange/red where I was slowing down.  There were some awesome spectators/volunteers cheering on all the different NFL teams represented.  As always, NYRR had plenty of water/Gatorade available and one thing I haven't seen before at a finish line: PLUMS! Yum!

My official race time was 40:16 (10:04 pace).  Sounds good to me...can't ask for more on a fun run with great people who were all celebrating the start of football season!

Other fabulous ladies I met at the NYRR Back to Football Run? Stephanie and Beth! If you don't already follow these girls, get on it.  I really do love how running brings together so many unique and amazing people.  

Overall, the NYRR Back to Football Run made for a great Thursday night!  


  1. Fantastic! And borrow photos any time, it came out splendidly: a mix of animosity and sportsmanship ;-) Yea I posted my "garmin time" :-D

  2. Beth @RxBethOnTheRunSeptember 1, 2012 at 9:55 PM

    Had a great night. So nice to finally meet you. There are some fantastic photos on this blog, my compliments to the photographer ;) Haha! Fun night. We should plan something fun again soon. Great recap and thanks for the mention!