Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Year in Running-2012

I still can't believe this, but it's now mid-December and we're just a few weeks away from 2013!  As the year draws to a close, "Best Of" lists start popping up everywhere you look!  We'll start looking back at the top songs/movies/news stories/celebrities of 2012 and also reflecting on the past year of our own lives.  I love the idea of reminiscing over good times as well as learning from the not-so-good times and ultimately making efforts to be better next year.  So when I saw this "Running Year in Review" from Miss Zippy floating around the blogger/twitter world, I decided to jump in on the fun!  

My 2012 Year In Running:

13 races in 2012!
Best Race Experience
My first half marathon, 13.1 series race in Queens.  I loved training and racing in my new home with my family and friends there to support me.

Best Run
NY Runners in Support of Staten Island on what would have been NYC Marathon Sunday.  I was only planning on being a cheerleader for the marathoners as they ran a 26.2 mile tour of our fantastic city, but after Hurricane Sandy I didn't hesitate to join a group of almost 1,000 runners carrying backpacks full of much-needed supplies to distribute to families in need.  I met some amazing people and made new friends.  I'm not even sure how far we ran that day, but it was an incredible experience and just another example of how great the running community is.

Best New Piece of Gear
SpiBelt, hands down.  This thing is perfect for long runs, short runs, any run! It holds my phone, fuel, keys, etc.  I gave in and ordered myself one after recommendations from multiple runners and thanks to Kristin I got a discount and free shipping! :)

Best Piece of Running Advice You Received
"You have a weak ass."-Dr. Metzl

Although I already knew strength training would improve my running and help with injury prevention, I needed his kick in the butt to start doing it!  Since cross-training and adding strength to my fitness routine is now doctor prescribed, it's a must-do.  I already feel stronger and can't wait to see more improvements in my running and fitness.

Most Inspirational Runner
This guy, every time.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?
Fun, out of my comfort zone and learning something new with each run/workout!

Tell me about your year, in running or just in life!  What were your favorite moments/biggest accomplishments?


  1. I noticed that the BOB ROTHER is right on top and in FRONT !! You loved that race,,,, how did the 10k feel after the Turkey trot ??? Goal of 2014 = 3 Hoban's finish the Disney Marathon !!

    1. It just so happens that bib is the BIGGEST of all! Definitely NOT my favorite! I'm hoping that third Hoban refers to Netters. We will see!