Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Soreness, Seat Warmers & Southern Ladies!

It's that time of week again....Thankful Thursday!  Today I'm feeling thankful for... very sore muscles. I've been waking up pretty much everyday with that "hurts so good" feeling and I like it.  I'm learning a lot of new strength training technique in CrossFit and I'm already seeing a big difference, especially in my running.  Oh and that quad pain?  Pretty much gone.  And Dr. Metzl says my ass isn't as weak anymore!  All good things.

...catching up with some sweet-tea drinkin' Southern belles.  I just love y'all!

 warmers.  These might be the best invention ever for cold mornings when I'm waiting for the car to warm up!

...for Christmas cards.  I love still using snail mail to send and receive warm wishes from loved ones during the holiday season!  We haven't received any just yet, but I can't wait for them to start flowing in! If you're on my nice list, be on the lookout for yours from Rocky & I! :)

Tell me--what are YOU feeling thankful for this week?!

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