Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Race Recap: NYC Runs Hot Chocolate 10K

This past Sunday, almost 1500 runners including myself took part in the NYC Runs Hot Chocolate 5K and 10K races on Roosevelt Island.  Running followed by hot chocolate might sound strange, but it's actually a fantastic combination!  This was my 4th NYC Runs event and I'm a big fan. The races are always very well organized and have a small-town race feel...although the popularity of their events is definitely growing!

My cousins Sam and Steph (who in case you didn't know is training for the NYC Half through Team in Training) both ran the 5K race while I opted for the longer 10K distance, which makes sense as I'm supposed to be training for the WDW Half Marathon in a few weeks!
One major plus to this race is the proximity of Roosevelt Island to my home base of Astoria!  After a super quick drive and fairly easy parking, we strolled over to the 5K starting area to find a lot of fellow runners!  The weather was crappy, 40ish and drizzling, but it never full out rained on us which was great.  NYC Runs event do not yet have assigned corrals, so runners organized themselves by pace as able.  I spotted Beth in the crowd with her neon shirt and only had time for a quick "hi" before the 5K runners were off!  The 10K didn't start until 10am so I was able to dart across the island and cheer for everyone during the first mile before I started.

Go ladies! Sorry I'm not the best race photographer...
 Despite getting minimal sleep and having a few glasses of wine at a Christmas party Saturday night, they had an awesome race! I am loving watching them both get into running and supporting them along the way.  Definitely check out Steph's story at both her Team in Training page and here on PB&P and join me in supporting her!
Congrats Cousins!

Not only did they run their 3.1 miles and get the well-deserved hot chocolate, but they stuck around in the chilly rain to cheer me on and watch me finish! 

So...how did my race go?  I guess well, considering I went into this race without any goals or expectations.  I'm supposed to be training for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon that I'm running with Dad on January 12th, 2013.  But with my recent focus on strengthening, I really haven't been doing much running and have been taking CrossFit classes twice a week.  I decided to run the first half of the race comfortably and see what my pace was like and how I felt. 

After warming up in the first mile, I settled into a 9:30ish pace which felt hard.  The course was basically two loops around Roosevelt Island, except for a small modification due to damages from Hurricane Sandy.  There was a mix of pavement, sidewalk, dirt paths and puddles to navigate around which included a few small inclines.  As I was finishing up the first loop I was so excited to see my cousins, Steph's boyfriend and their dog Kirra cheering me on!  I checked my watch and realized I had finished the first half in just about 30 minutes and I was still feeling good.  I decided to push through and was hoping to negative split.  The second loop felt even more difficult, like I was pushing harder but not going any faster.  From mile 4-6 I ended up next to a woman from my hood wearing a Hell Gate Running Club shirt and we pushed each other those last two miles.  It wasn't exactly like fishing, but I made sure she did not pass me.  I "sprinted" the last 0.2 miles and finished with an official time of 58:46 (9:29 pace). 

Kirra's too cool for a finisher photo.
This was definitely not my best race and certainly not a 10K PR for me, but I felt strong the entire time and got to enjoy some hot chocolate at the finish...so I'm happy.  I'm so proud of my cousins for running the 5K and am looking forward to many more races with them in the future! :)

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  1. Congrats on pushing hard throughout the race! That's so much more important than a PR. I really enjoyed the race, despite the bad weather. Or maybe I just enjoyed finishing it...