Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm Unemployed and Still Thankful!

Happy Thursday! I'm trying to be productive  and let's do this!

Today I'm feeling thankful...

...for my temporary unemployment.  Yeah, it sucks to not have money.  But I DO have plenty of time to exercise, relax and enjoy the summer weather.  Oh right, and study for that dang RD exam while applying for jobs. 

Hello, beach. Let's be friends.

...for fun colorful index cards! :) What better way to re-learn everything I ever knew about nutrition than on neon index cards?! 

...for pickles.  At the risk of sounding like Snooki, I love pickles! So crispy, crunchy and salty. Yum.

...that I found the Nike+ app to replace MapMyRun.  I'm not sure if this was a problem for anyone else, but MapMyRun was miscalculating distance on every single one of my runs.  It's really not helpful for me to think I've gone a certain distance at a certain pace, only to be completely disappointed! The Nike+ app has been fantastic so far, and who doesn't want random encouragement from professional athletes?

...for finally trying Nuun! So many of the runners and bloggers I follow have been talking about this awesome product for so long, and I've just got along to giving it a shot myself.  Nuun is a flavored electrolyte tab that dissolves in water and doesn't contain any sugar or carbohydrates.  
I started with Grape because I have a crazy love of grape Gatorade, and I have to say it's tasty and a great way to hydrate!

Now you go...What are you thankful for? Having a job? NOT studying for the RD exam? :)


  1. I'm thankful that I have never had to take an exam in any sort of scientific/medical field, because I'm bad at it! Best of luck! You should come romp in the park with me and sunbath for an hour next week!

    1. Yes! I'd love to meet up! My schedule is pretty flexible right now. :)