Friday, July 6, 2012

Rugged Maniac Brooklyn: Race Recap!

Last Saturday was the Rugged Maniac race in Brooklyn.  For the last few weeks, NYC has engulfed in this intense heat wave, and Saturday was no exception.  It definitely didn't help that the race was taking place at the Aviator Sports Complex in Flatbush (AKA an big open space with no shade).
Mud-free and ready to go!
Our heat was scheduled to start at 10:45am, but we were ready to go early so we jumped in with the 10:30am group.  Oops!  We heard it was about 17 obstacles over the 3.1 miles, which to me meant that the stretches of running in the insane heat couldn't be too long. Wrong.  The first 2 miles contained a few of those obstacles, but the majority of the craziness came in the last 0.75 mile.  

Check out the following photos for a preview of the muddy mayhem!

Muddy slip-and-slide!
This is why they call it rugged...
Get me out of here!
Mud crawl
Dad and I with our tires..

The results. 
This race was a challenge for sure.  You can simply tell from our chip times, than the 3.1 miles took us almost an hour!!! Dad and I did the RunAmuck race last year, and this was definitely harder than that run.  There was a lot of ladder climbing, but other than that the obstacles were interesting and fun.  The Rugged Maniac website says to assess your ability to complete each obstacle as you approach it, and you may skip anything you determine that you can't do.  The only drawback to skipping an obstacle? You aren't eligible to WIN the race.  As this wasn't an issue in our case, I have to admit I did skip an obstacle.  I assessed that I was not able to get my short little legs to scale those 7-9 foot walls.  Good thing our time wasn't really eligible to win anyway! Ha!

Muddy and happy!
We certainly are maniacs!
All in all, an awesome day.  I'd definitely do this race again and would encourage others to sign up for this or any other obstacle race! It's an amazing way to challenge yourself and have a blast! 

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