Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goals for 2012

With only 3 days left in 2011, I'm starting to focus on what's coming up in 2012.  2011 has been an incredible year for me, and despite some craziness, I am truly happy in my life and excited about all that is to come.  So I'm setting myself up for another year of happiness & health with these goals to keep me on track:

1. Set a new 5K PR.  Aiming for under 28:30.
2. Run my first half marathon.  (This should be accomplished on March 24, 2012!)
3. FINALLY take a spinning class. Or a bunch of them really...
4. Complete another FUN run! (RunAmuck, ToughMudder, Great Urban Race, etc).
5. Run a race for charity.  Because of my love for MJF, I'm leaning toward TeamFox, but there are SO many deserving teams out there!

And my one very important, non-fitness-related goal:
1. Graduate from my internship & GET A JOB! :)

Let's do this, 2012! 

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