Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday: A-holes & Creeps!

1. A**holes.  Some people just plain suck.  For example, the desperate a**holes who broke into my parents house and robbed them.  They remind me what type of person I do NOT want to be.  And I am reminded that things are just things.  People are all that matter, and my people are okay.  Also, I don't believe in much, but I do believe in karma. So thanks a lot, a**holes. Enjoy your new TV.

2. Giggling.  You know, that uncontrollable childish laughter?  The kind you absolutely can't stop, no matter how "serious" the sitation?  I love that. 

3. Decent December weather!  It hasn't snowed, the temperatures aren't "booger-freezing" cold, and I'm happily running outdoors without bundling up too much. 

4.  Cat-callers.  Man, are you guys creepy...What exactly goes through your mind as you whistle or holla as I run by all sweaty & looking like I'm in pain?  Maybe if you whistle at me, I'll stop my run, realizing you're the man of my dreams, and come running into your arms?  Not likely.  But thanks for the boost of confidence, however small.  And thanks for encouraging me to pick up my pace, if only to get further the heck away from you!

5. My new Road-ID.  It came in the mail today, and it will definitely make me feel better about running in the dark.  Since I watch a  lot of crime shows, I can never feel too safe!  With the road-ID on my shoe, I can now be easily identified.  Ya know, in case my pepper-spray fails me or I have some freak accident and I'm found unconscious!  (Not that I worry about these things...a lot...)  If you don't know about Road-ID, or don't have one, check them out their website.

Tonight, I'm off to dance the night away at a Christmas party! And tomorrow starts the weekend!

Happy Thursday y'all! :)

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