Monday, December 12, 2011

NYRR Jingle Jog 2011 Recap

This Saturday, my SIL and I got decked out in fuzzy Christmas socks, reindeer antlers and jingle bells to run the NYRR Jingle Jog in Prospect Park. The course was originally supposed to be 4 miles, but due to some weird construction, it ended up being a 6K (3.7 miles).  Since we planned to just have a nice fun run, this didn't bother us one bit! 

Dancer & Prancer!
 The weather was absolutely perfect for a nice morning run!  It was in the low 40's and pretty windy, causing the SIL to lose her antlers about 500 yards past the start line!  I didn't time myself or even look at my watch ONCE, which felt absolutely fantastic! We just ran at a comfortable easy pace and ended up with an official time of 35:57 (9:39 pace).  Nothing to brag about, but it was just nice to take part in a fun run with my new sister! :)

With the socks!
As usual, NYRR put together an extremely well organized and fun event.  Each mile was marked and there were more water stations than I think are necessary for a race shorter than 4 miles.  Oh and there were red & green bagels waiting for us at the end! Yum!

Mmm RED & GREEN carbs!

My brother brought the dogs along, so we were greeted at the end by some pooches begging for our bagels! Someone was a sucker and gave in!
The pups wanted in on the red bagel action!
As soon as they're available, I'll post the official Brightroom pics, which I'm sure will be just fabulous of us! Happy Holidays & Happy Running! :)

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