Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goals

So, I think I got a little caught up in my Goals for 2012 and kind of skipped making goals for January.  Oops.  It happens.  So let's go back and check in on my December goals and set some new ones for February!

In December, did I...
...get rid of all extra baked items immediately? Yes, for the most part.  While I still do bake, at least I'll be doing it less now that the holidays are over!
...take lots of pictures? I think so.  I took photos of all the fun stuff I had going on in December, so I guess mission accomplished!
...get more sleep? Definitely. I'm doing well with this one! new running routes? Kind of.  
...leave the watch at home? Yes, or I at least ignored it on one run each week.  I like just running the distance!

And since January is now over, let's establish some goals for February:
1. Cook more (and better meals) during the week.  Most nights my dinners are super boring. Like whole wheat pasta with sauteed spinach or broccoli. Or rice and beans.  Or a quinoa/lentil/vegetable mix.  I've gotten really lazy when it comes to cooking so my goal this month is to spice it up! :)

2. Take a kickboxing class (or 10).  I really miss the intensity and impact of kickboxing and I want to get back into it!

3. Keep going to yoga once a week. I may not be getting into the breathing/relaxing thing, but the stretching and strengthening is really feeling good.

4. Hydrate better at work.  I'm fantastic at hydrating when I'm home, but at my internship I often get caught up and forget to drink water, which always leads to a headache.

5.  Run at least 70 miles this month.  I ran 63 in January, so this goal should be no problem as February has less days and my mileage will be increasing.

What are your goals for February? 

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